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The Middle East War on Christians

This week, as Jews celebrate the Passover holiday, they are commemorating the Bible's Exodus story describing a series of plagues inflicted on ancient Egypt that freed the Israelites, allowing them to make their way to the Holy Land. But over the past century, another exodus, driven by a plague of persecution, has swept across the…


You Can't Claim a Promise

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.  ISAIAH 41:10  In 1964 my grandfather shared this verse with my father as he was preparing to move away…

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Reverse Engineering Evangelism

When a young William Carey, the acknowledged founder of the modern missionary movement, first applied to his church board to be sent to india, he received a classic reply. “young man,” said one of the older church leaders, “when God chooses to save the heathen of india, he will do so without your help.” Fortunately,…

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Please Don't Make My Funeral All About Me

I just got home from another funeral. Seems we've gone to more than our share lately. And once again, as I left the church, I pled with those closest to me, "Please don't make my funeral all about me." We were an hour and fifteen minutes in to today's funeral before anyone read from the…

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Love Your Neighbor

I met Mr. Balentine in the summer of 1993. A group of 10 high school students and their leaders had been sent to Mr. Balentine's to make much-needed repairs to his house, which sat in a secluded cove of the Appalachian foothills. What started as a simple project turned into a major rebuild. The only…

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Same-Sex Marriage and the Future

The Bible tells us that the king of Israel once wanted to hear from the prophets, as to whether he would be victorious over his enemies. All the court prophets told him exactly what he wanted to hear. Yet the king of Judah, wisely, asked whether there might be another voice to hear from, and…

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Christianity Packs Its Office and Leaves the Building

By Jonathan Leeman Well, once again, a lawyer has told me to clean out my desk and vacate the premises, this time in The Atlantic. In truth, he was talking about natural law, not me, Christianity. But whenever someone says, “A government that tries to invoke divine law ceases to be of, by, and for the people,”…

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The Greatest Prayer in the World (Maundy Thursday)

It is Thursday, the night before Jesus’s crucifixion. This evening has been laden with teaching (John 13–17), shocking with foot-washing by the greatest for the least (John 13:3–20), epoch-making with the institution of the Lord’s Supper (Matthew 26:20–30; Mark 14:17–26; Luke 22:14–20), and pivotal with the departure of Judas (John 13:30). Now Jesus and the eleven have…

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Why Waiting is Worth it

Nobody likes to do it. It’s even worse to be told we have to do it. In our consumeristic, instant gratification society it’s almost unheard of. What is it? It’s the need to WAIT. WHY WE DON’T LIKE TO WAIT There are a lot of reasons we don’t like to wait. Some of them seem to…

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Trouncing Liberal Misconceptions About American Culture

Are Christians in America Persecuted?

The short answer is "Yes, all the time." The not as short answer is: "Yes, Christians in America are persecuted, but not as frequently, consistently, or with nearly the intensity that Christians are persecuted in many other parts of the world." For a longer answer, keep reading. What's In a Word I understand why non-Christians…

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Why Resurrection People Remember the Dead

When I was a child, a family in our church lost their daughter in a tragic car accident weeks before her high school graduation. For years after Vicky died, my mother kept in contact with her parents, mentioning her in conversation long after our community had stopped talking about her. On one occasion, my mother…

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Do We Really Need More Churches Planted in America?

Right now there are over 300,000 Protestant churches in America. Just do the division (300,000 divided by 50 states) and that equals 6,000 churches per state. Wow! That's a lot of churches! Think about it this way: there are just over 10,000 Starbucks and well over 300,000 churches! So Starbucks can saturate the United States…

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