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Evangelicalism’s Favorite Heresies

Most American evangelicals hold views condemned as heretical by some of the most important councils of the early church. A survey released today by LifeWay Research for Ligonier Ministries “reveals a significant level of theological confusion,” said Stephen Nichols, Ligonier’s chief academic officer. Many evangelicals do not have orthodox views about either God or humans,…


Christian rapper comes out as ex-gay firebrand

Jackie Hill-Perry considers herself not merely an agent of change, but its embodiment as well. A Christian spoken-word poet from Chicago, Ms. Hill-Perry professes to be a former lesbian — a change she ascribes to God. God, she says, “not only changes your affections and your heart, but He gives you new affections that you…

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What I Wish I Hadn’t Learned in Sunday School

My good friend growing up never missed a church service. Many people looked up to her spiritual maturity. To me, she was the definition of godly. Fast forward 10 years—she has walked away from God and has expressed no desire to return. To this day though, there are ribbons, medals and awards still hanging on…

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Satanist attacks Oklahoma City’s 10 Commandments

A month after an Oklahoma County judge dismissed a lawsuit arguing for removal of a public display of the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds, the 6-foot-tall granite monument was destroyed, Oct. 24, by a self-proclaimed Satanist who smashed it with his car. The destruction comes amid a set of strange circumstances set in…

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Seminary grad outs ‘closets’ in Baptist life

Any honest conversation about homosexuality in the Southern Baptist Convention must acknowledge a “family secret” of clergy who hide their sexual orientation because of stigma associated with same-sex attraction, a gay-rights activist and SBC seminary graduate said Oct. 27. Jeff Hood, an ordained Southern Baptist minister and 2009 graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in…

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Christian Bale: Moses was schizophrenic and barbaric

Christian Bale has slammed his character Moses as “barbaric” ahead of the upcoming move Exodus: God and Kings. “I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life,” Bale told reporters. “He’s a very troubled and tumultuous man who fought greatly against…

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The Myth of the ‘Wonderful Life’ Gospel

If you’ve read the Book of Acts, you’ve read how Saul of Tarsus (aka Paul the apostle) had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. As a zealous Jew, Saul was persecuting fellow Jews who believed that Jesus was the Messiah, and then Jesus appeared to him. Paul tells the story years later, “As I was on…

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Churches urged to join forces against abortion-coverage mandate

The president of the American Family Association is urging religious groups in California to fight back against a state mandate forcing them to cover elective abortions in their insurance plans. California’s Department of Managed Health Care has established new regulations that require all insurance plans in the state – even those provided by churches for…

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Inspirational author born without limbs shares keys to a fulfilled life

Recognized by millions around the world for his smiling face and inspirational messages, Australian Christian evangelist Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disorder that left him without all four limbs. “People often ask me how I stay positive and where I find the strength to overcome my disabilities? My answer, always, is ‘I pray…

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San Francisco Giants exec: Point people to Christ

When San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera was suspended in 2012 for using a banned substance, he led Major League Baseball in hits and had a .346 batting average. So most observers expected the Giants to put him on the postseason roster when his suspension expired just before the World Series. But they didn’t, showing…

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Kirk Cameron on Halloween: Christ trounced every demon

While some Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween in any way, shape, or form, actor Kirk Cameron recently encouraged believers to “have the biggest Halloween party on your block.” Cameron made the controversial statements in an interview published Monday, and also discussed the origins of the “spooky” holiday. “The real origins have a lot to…

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