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Does Artistic Purity Ever Demand Vulgarity?

Something pure (ἁγνός hagnos) is set apart or holy; such a thing is “free from ceremonial defilement.” This word indicates two main things about Christ-honoring art: it should not glory in sin, and it should not be tainted by unbiblical worldviews. Most Christians think that holiness in art can be achieved superficially. As in, if…


What We Get Wrong About ‘Giving Our Testimony’

Often, testimonies within the church go something like this: 1. I thought I was a Christian, but…. 2. God did [blank] in my life… 3. …And now I’m at this amazing place and I’m not struggling anymore at all! Evangelical Christians have developed a rather confusing habit when it comes to sharing testimonies. We have…

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Fire Chief’s Reputation Torched After Stand for Biblical Morality

Atlanta’s Kelvin Cochran may be a firefighter, but he’s not fireproof, as the latest controversy shows. Despite a long and distinguished career (including a stint as the U.S. Fire Administrator), Chief Cochran is at the center of an explosive debate over free speech on the job after the city suspended him for allegedly handing out…

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Christmas Parade Has Largest Attendance In Years Despite Atheist Attacks

A small Alabama town’s Christmas parade had the best attendance in years, even though it had to officially change its theme proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ because of a letter from a left-wing atheist organization. The City of Piedmont, Alabama, located roughly 15 miles west of the the Alabama/Georgia state line, was set to host…

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Speaking the Story at Christmas

Without fail, every year, Christmas is the time of year I’ve seen the most non-Christians open up to the idea of Jesus and church than any other time of year. The Christmas season is a wonderful time for Christians to share their faith with friends and family who they may not see very often and…

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‘The Red Tent': 3 Things To Know

Anita Diamant’s bestselling novel “The Red Tent” has been a book club favorite for nearly a decade. Now the book, based on the biblical story of Dinah, will air on television in a two-part miniseries on Lifetime beginning Sunday. Based on the novel, the miniseries is a first-person account of Dinah (played by Rebecca Ferguson),…

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Spirit in Flesh

God has come to the human race many times and in many ways. He came to form Adam from the dust, and he came walking in the garden after Adam sinned. He came to deliver Israel from Egypt, descended on Sinai to give the Law, and led Israel through the wilderness into the land. He…

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Bible Study at the Bar

When you hear the phrase Bible study, you instantly think of a group of people talking about religion inside of their church. Well for the young adults at St. Peters Catholic Church in Columbia, they’re Bible study isn’t in the church, and for them, they say it’s a way to better reach others and spread…

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The rise of Christianity in Asia

It’s a splendid Sydney Sunday as Senior Pastor Jun Seck Ra greets the early morning churchgoers with his genial smile. Today’s a special day. Dami Im, winner of reality talent show X Factor will be gracing the congregation with her gospel voice. 800 people are expected at that service, the third service of the day.…

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Since When Has the Gospel of Christ Been Popular?

For the last several years, Christian leaders have been asking, “What’s wrong with us and our message today? Why do so many people have such a negative view of the Church?” But are those the right questions to ask? Should we expect the gospel to be popular with the world? On the one hand, it’s…

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What ever happened to Rob Bell?

Rob Bell was once the evangelical It Boy, the hipster pastor with the thick-rimmed glasses and the skinny jeans whose best-selling theology was captured in books with names such as “Velvet Elvis” and “Sex God.” In 2011, his book “Love Wins” pushed the evangelical envelope on the nature of heaven, hell and salvation. Many dismissed…

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The Real Reasons Young Adults Drop Out of Church

Despite all the fear driven presentations you’ve heard, not every young person is walking out of the church the moment they finish high school and never coming back. Here’s what you need to know. The young adults who do drop out of church often lack a first-hand faith—a faith of their own—and a relationship with…

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Advent Preparation: Embracing the Story behind Christmas

The holiday season can seem every bit as chaotic, random and thrown together as the play-lists of those obnoxious 24/7 Christmas music stations. Going from Black Friday to church pageants to being frisked by the TSA as we travel to sometimes awkward family gatherings strangely resembles going from the materialism of “Santa Baby,” to the…

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