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Roma Downey

This week we talk to actress and producer Roma Downey – on location in Morocco – about her new series, A.D. The Bible Continues. The series premieres Easter night on NBC. We also spotlight hip hop artist Derek Minor and talk about his latest album, Empire. Plus, we welcome a guest host to the show, find out what the Pope’s been up to…


Catholic School Teacher Punished for Promoting Catholic Teaching on Human Sexuality? Radio Ad Blasts NJ Bishop for Siding With ‘Hollywood Liberals’ Who ‘Mock’ Church Teachings

A radio ad campaign has been launched criticizing Catholic officials in New Jersey for suspending and possibly terminating a tenured Catholic school religion teacher who posted on Facebook about how gay activists want to “reengineer” western civilizations into “a slow extinction.” After Immaculata High School religion teacher Patricia Jannuzzi posted about her disgust with the…

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What Christianophobia Looks Like in America

New Study: Champions of religious freedom tell Christians, ‘Keep your faith to yourselves.’ As America’s religious landscape grows more diverse, we see Christianity’s cultural dominance fading. While a vast majority of the country and our leaders still identify as Christian, many conservative Protestants sense a growing animosity toward themselves and their beliefs. For the Christian…

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What Is the Function of Creeds?

To too many the creeds are a dusty vestige of a happily distant past. They were written centuries ago, born out of abstract battles whose players we can’t even name. Isn’t it just better to love each other and not get caught up in all those silly questions? We are indeed called to love each other.…

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Margaret Sanger and the minority holocaust Why is Christianity Today trying to rehabilitate Margaret Sanger’s legacy?

by Lita Cosner and Jonathan Sarfati Christianity Today was founded by world-famous evangelist Billy Graham; Planned Parenthood was founded by racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger. AndChristianity Today’s article about Margaret Sanger shows that one of them has departed a long way from the principles of its founder. Rachel Marie Stone wrote that Margaret Sanger’s promotion of contraceptives stemmed from her compassion…

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One might think that the District of Columbia, our nation’s capital, would be particularly vigilant in defending the freedoms fundamental to American life. Unfortunately, the District’s City Council has now seen fit to intervene into the life of religious institutions and insist that such institutions handle some topics in ways amenable to the Council’s opinions.…

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Revival 100 Years After the Armenian Genocide

One hundred years ago this April, the first genocide of the 20th century began in modern-day Turkey. From 1915 to 1923, 1.5 million Armenians were executed or massacred or died from starvation, torture, or disease. The phrase “crimes against humanity” was first used to detail the carnage, which many scholars and historians label genocide. During…

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Which False Teachings Are Evangelical Christians Most Tempted to Believe In?

That Jesus Isn’t Human Cherith Fee Nordling Christians profess Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Scripture, the historic creedal traditions, and the church’s worship robustly intersect at this point. However, when we examine what it means that Jesus is God’s Son, it’s not long before some common misperceptions—let’s be frank, false teachings—come to light.…

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Is Porn Bad For the Single Adult?: Craig Gross Answers

It should be a no-brainer to know that pornography destroys marriages. After all, habitually viewing pornography “sets up formidable walls between couples: guilt, unrealistic sexual expectations, addictive behaviors, and the erosion of trust, to name just a few.” Another words, as “The Intimate Couple” puts it, pornography can be a “barrier to intimacy.” As a…

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Woman Throws Flaming ‘Molotov Cocktail’ at Pro-Life Prayer Group

A woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly throwing a “molotov cocktail” at a prayer group. Pro-life activists were praying around a Planned Parenthood clinic when witnesses reported a woman throwing a “flaming object” out of her car window and at the intercessors. “Yesterday evening toward the end of the daily prayer…

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