If you want to choose to do the right thing, you have to first know what is right, and that involves getting the mind of Christ—understanding and valuing things the way God does, having his eyes and ears and heart.  Having his mind will enable you to clearly distinguish right from wrong, but be forewarned: you will pay a price.  When you start thinking like Christ, you are guaranteed to sometimes make choices that offend and anger other people.  The gospels prove this fact.  Jesus chose to value and welcome the unwashed masses:  prostitutes, tax collectors, partiers, the woman with a perpetual menstrual flow who was deemed “unclean.”  Jesus chose to honor the impoverished widow’s miniscule two-mite offering over the far larger (but less costly) offerings of the wealthy.  These choices confused, offended, and infuriated the Pharisees and religious leaders.

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