What if your child is a teenager who is still resistant to your will? What should you do? If you have decided to bring your child under control, and you are ready for the battle that will ensue, let me suggest the following procedure. Sit down with your son or daughter, and explain to them that God has placed you—as the father—in a place of leadership in your home, and that you have not ruled well in the past. Admit that where the family is now is, in fact, your fault. Tell them that you want to repent to them for not ruling well and giving them the leadership that they have needed in the past and ask them to forgive you. Explain to them that, from now on, by the grace of God, you are going to love them enough to provide that leadership.  Tell them that you expect them to obey what you tell them to do. Then tell them what the consequences will be for disobedience (we will cover this shortly). Then expect the battle to begin.

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