Here is a typical temptation on an ordinary day in America: A woman is working at her computer and suddenly realizes she can probably find online a picture of her fiancé’s former girlfriend. A check of her spirit accompanies the Googling of the ex’s name. She tries to ignore this, even quoting under her breath that “all things are lawful,” a verse from which she has conveniently left off the second half of 1 Corinthians 10:23. In the grip of a strong desire, the woman fails to run the plan through more bracing screenings. She quickly executes the plan, finds a photo, views it (it is now permanently seared in her mind), and then goes back to her work, thinking the slight grieving of the Holy Spirit has not changed her. Indeed, she is hardly aware that it was a visitation of the Spirit. She is, like most of her generation, a materialist unawares.

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