It all started with one book. When Bojidar’s missionary pastor left his Bulgarian town, all he left behind was a couple audio tapes and a copy of one book, Ken Gentry’s He Shall Have Dominion. Ken’s book is still, perhaps, the best one-stop exposition of the postmillennial, optimistic, dominion-oriented biblical worldview available. It has changed many lives, including Bojidar’s. After this, he wanted to hear more about optimism and biblical law.

So, after finishing the 550 pages, Bo (as we affectionately call him) flipped back to that all important page, the copyright page, where he was able to find an address for the American publisher, The Institute for Christian Economics (ICE). Bo did what any sensible person before the proliferation of email would do—he wrote ICE a letter. ICE’s president, Gary North, received the letter and instantly recognized the significance of what was happening.

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