We know well what it means for people to be dissatisfied with Christianity, or to blurt out “I’m finished!” and publicly walk away. I’ve even heard people proclaim that the term “Christian” has been so torn apart in the battle-to-the-death between liberals and conservatives that there’s no longer any point in using the term at all. Should we all be post-Christian now? Yet some of us are still hanging in there. In fact, in the midst of the increasing skepticism, a number of good things are happening. For one, more people are speaking up about what’s wrong with the institutional church, making bolder calls for it to change and adapt. This is good. Don’t forget that Christianity has its heritage in the Jewish prophets, who took the religious institutions of their day to task for a multitude of sins. And the first-century rabbi whom Christians follow modeled himself on the great prophets of the Hebrew Bible. It’s high time for a more prophetic, more counter-cultural Christian faith.

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