All sins against our neighbor are also sins against God, since he commands you not to do them.  Think of your own children.  I have a three year old and a four year old.  We are now only just beginning to hear things like “Dad, she touched me!” from the back seat as we drive down the highway.  And so, as typical parents we say, “Evelyn, quit touching Jordan.  Jordan, quit tattling. She’s not hurting you.”  And, of course, Evelyn wants to see how far she can push things before Daddy pulls over and vigorously “touches” her on her rear end.  So she does it again.  The offense is against her sister, for her sister doesn’t want to be touched.  But it’s also against my parental authority because I told her to stop it.  Indeed, it is primarily an offense against my parental authority.  I will discipline her for it.

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