The FBI arrested Justin Carl Moose, 26, last week for allegedly conspiring to bomb a North Carolina abortion clinic. According to the FBI, this shadowy figure described himself as “the Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden” and the organizer of a “phantom cell” for the Army of God. Moose also used his Facebook page to advocate extreme violence against abortion providers and provide detailed instructions for making deadly explosives. Who is this latest poster boy for domestic terrorism in America? Through Facebook. After a local Planned Parenthood chapter alerted the FBI to Moose’s Facebook threats, the feds started monitoring him in January. They arrested him Sept. 7, after he walked an informant through plans to bomb an abortion clinic. The informant had called Moose Sept. 3 and told him a friend’s wife was planning on getting an abortion. “Say no more,” Moose said, in a recorded phone call. “I understand and I can help.”

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