Religion is a way of life for each of us at all hours of the day—from the decisions we make, to the food we eat, to the way we spend our money, and an infinite amount of other behaviors. Even those who claim to be atheists operate in the realm of the spiritual on a daily basis. So much so, in fact, that I would argue that no one is truly an atheist. Agnostic perhaps, but not atheistic. Richard Dawkins, one of the more prolific and well-known atheists of our time, has made the statement that Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution “made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” One is anxious to know what atheists were before Darwin? Irrational? Illogical? Intellectually unfulfilled? Adherents to a blind faith? We are often told that it is Christians who are the ones that subscribe to an “irrational, blind, and silly” belief system. But in terms of intellectual consistency, atheism is the “new kid on the block.” By his own words, Dawkins admits that he would have been the irrational fundamentalist if he had lived B.D., Before Darwin (pre-1859). Perhaps atheists have different reasons for being atheists than simply the “facts” of science.

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