Call her a quiet trailblazer. Soft-spoken Lacey Mosley , the lead singer of Texas rock group Flyleaf, has plenty to say about the band’s Christian tag, women fronting all-male rock outfits and the creative, personal evolution that led to the recording of the second Flyleaf studio CD, Memento Mori. Flyleaf, signed to A&M/Octone, the same label that’s home to Maroon 5, isn’t funneled through the contemporary Christian music industry. But Mosley and her four musical mates, who play House of Blues tonight, do not hide their devout Christianity. That frequently brings up the question of whether Flyleaf is a Christian rock band. Mosley doesn’t tire of addressing the issue, one she feels is misunderstood. “You have to know what you’re really asking,” Mosley, 29, said. “What people want to really know is, are they Christian? I would want to know if they are Christian. When I read somebody’s lyrics and they connect with my faith, are they Christian? We are all Christians in our band, and it comes out in our music. We want to be honest. There is sometimes an animosity for Christianity. It’s awful that they would judge us based on what they hear and not the music.”

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