As a young Mormon missionary in the 1980s, I was not altogether surprised that most people really don’t know much about their own religions.  Sectarian Christian denominations don’t tend to teach their doctrines or their distinctive tenets.  They seem to teach moral lessons or stress salvation through Christ, without going into the details. As a result, most members of sectarian Christian denominations don’t really understand what makes their church different than another denomination.  Baptists and Presbyterians often know nothing about such doctrines as predestination. Protestants couldn’t explain why there was a Reformation.  Many evangelicals simply believed that God dictated the Bible or revealed it in its entirety and had almost no knowledge of how the Bible came to be.  French Catholics didn’t know that the Ten Commandments in their missals had been changed, omitting the commandment to not worship graven images or pray to them.

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