Brannon Howse of “Worldview Weekend” responded to my article “A ‘Howse’ Built on Prophetic Sand.” The title of his response article is “Howse, Markell, Hunt, Ice, Reagan, McTernan, Salhus, and Rosenberg, Are Not the Enemy or the Problem with America.” As anyone who read myoriginal article can see, Brannon never responded to a single point I made. This is bad form for the head of a worldview ministry. It sets a bad example for the church and the world. The following is an example of how the head of a Christian worldview ministry should respond to a critical article: (1) Quote what a person writes and (2) respond to what was actually written. Simply tell the truth, even if it hurts. The following email was sent to Brannon from a supporter of Worldview Weekend and American Vision. It says it all:

I will make this short: You really need to sit down with Gary DeMar sometime and hash things out. I appreciate the work to which each of you has been called, but I am pained to have to admit that he absolutely destroyed your rebuttal to his original article, “A Howse Built on Prophetic Sand.”

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