God showers His children with blessings just because He loves us, not because we obey Him. He always blesses those He loves. The problem is we don’t always recognize it as a blessing (because our definition is different than God’s). Surely blessing will make me richer, happier, more successful, more influential, have a bigger church, etc. No, God knows that those things may not really be blessings for us. He gives us what He knows will bring us the love, joy and peace that ultimately only comes from a relationship with Him. God waits to find prodigal sons, like the younger brother in Jesus’ parable in Luke 15. He came home, not to first work hard in the fields in order to be worthy to be a son as the older brother was doing, but, to his surprise, just to receive his father’s blessings. He received the fatted calf, the ring, the robe—not because of anything he had done, because he had done nothing but bring disgrace to his father’s name, but because the father loved him! This is how we bless our children.

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