I’m pleased that many people seem to have taken a step back to think through their opinions of the proposed Islamic cultural center (or mosque) in lower Manhattan (near ground zero). As tempers cool, I hope many will see the situation for the opportunity it is.

The controversy over the cultural center/mosque has bothered me for a while, but for the opposite reasons of most: I think it is a great idea. And I think we Christians should build the mosque. And not two blocks from ground zero, but right at ground zero, right in the middle of the hallowed ground.

For me it comes down to a decision we have to make as a nation, that I thought we had already made: Are we at war with Islam? Are we prepared to say that the majority of Muslims have beliefs that stand in such opposition to ours that they are our enemy?

And let’s be clear, this would include the millions of Muslims who are citizens of the United States, the millions who live in nations that are our allies, and the millions and millions who live in nations who governments may oppose us (or have radical minorities), but most of whom have no hatred of us and just want to live their lives in peace.

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