Rand Paul is facing more potentially damaging allegations regarding his involvement in a collegiate “secret society” at Baylor University, according to Politico, which is reporting that Paul’s NoZe Brotherhood published a newsletter with a “specifically anti-Christian tone.”

The Kentucky Republican came under fire over the summer when GQ published an account of his involvement in the brotherhood, which allegedly involved “kidnapping” a classmate and forcing her to worship the god “Aqua Buddha.”

But the brotherhood appears to have had an anti-Christian bent as well: NoZe was banned from Baylor two years before Paul’s arrival due to “sacrilege,” Politico reports. At the time, the university president told a student newspaper that the group “had ‘made fun of not only the Baptist religion, but Christianity and Christ.'”

William John Green, a NoZe brother of Paul, told Politico he couldn’t remember to what extent the Kentucky Republican contributed to the Christian-mocking efforts. He said of Paul: “Randy smoked pot, he made fun of Baptists,” and “none of us ever heard him pontificating about religion.”

“Fundamentalists didn’t join our group,” Green added.

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