The Bible tells us that from the beginning the concept of the family has been in the heart of God. He has existed for all eternity in a “family” Himself: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And while we cannot know fully His motivation for His acts in time, (only what He has chosen to reveal to us), we can speculate that He desired to pattern His creation after that relationship He enjoyed within the Godhead itself. Paul says in Ephesians 1:3 that before creation God was a Father to our Lord Jesus Christ. We can imagine that that relationship was so satisfying, so enjoyable to Him, that He desired the “only begotten Son,” (John 3:16), to become “the firstborn among many brethren,” (Romans 8:29): a vast family of sons and daughters upon whom He could shower His love and affection, with whom He could share His vision and through whom He could accomplish His eternal purpose.

What father is there who has not had similar thoughts? If we have found purpose and meaning to our lives, is there not something within us that wants our children and grandchildren, our posterity, to share in that vision?

My grandfather, “Papaw,” was a natural-born entrepreneur, the kind of man everyone called a “horse-trader” in early twentieth-century Oklahoma. In 1912 as a young man he started a bank, then traded it for a drugstore in the little rural community of Stratford. The Bayless Drug Company was born. He parlayed that single store into a chain of seven drug stores throughout south central Oklahoma before he retired at eighty years of age. He lived to be 94 and, before he died, passed that original store on to his daughter, my mother, who owned and managed it for some twenty years.

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