I am being providentially hindered from writing my intended post this week, so I thought I’d use my hindrances as an opportunity to write a brief essay on what the Lord is teaching me through the things he’s leading me through.

There are some serious theological errors afoot in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) and other Reformed denominations that have their genesis in the teaching of men like Norman Shepherd, a former professor at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, and N.T. Wright, an Anglican scholar.  What you end up with is a teaching that advances a kind of sacramentalism which has more in common with Rome than it does with historic Protestantism.  I and a handful of other men are attempting to deal with these things in the church courts and by writing publicly about them on our blogs.  Needless to say, the Evil One is stirring up resistance wherever he can, and doing what he can in our personal lives and our churches to attack us.  Here’s some of what I’m learning through this process.

First of all, men will fail you.  You can almost count on it as a certainty that human institutions and divine institutions which are staffed with human beings will fail in some manner.  Sometimes they fail utterly.  People don’t understand their job.  They are swayed from doing the right thing for all sorts of reasons.  They don’t want to spend the time and energy necessary to learn and then to think about what they’ve learned and apply it.  Sometimes doing their jobs means that painful consequences will arise, and they shrink from those consequences.  “Better to let sleeping dogs lie,” they reason within themselves. “If I do what I’m supposed to do, there will be no end of trouble.”

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