The consumer affairs minister, Ilse Aigner, and her secretary of state, Julia Kloeckner, both Christian Democrats, had a crucifix put up Wednesday in the conference center of their ministry. Clerics of the two main churches were there to bless the cross. Kloeckner said, “It is good to be supported by the hand of God, and one can show that through making a clear statement.”

Oliver Loesch, deputy chairman of the youth movement of the opposition Social Democrats and spokesman of a new social democratic group campaigning for laicism, finds that quite inappropriate.

“Ms Aigner and Ms Kloeckner can say that for themselves personally,” he told Deutsche Welle. “We have freedom of religion and they can believe what they want, but it’s not the way a ministry should act in Germany, because we have the separation of church and state in Germany – or we should have.”

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