Hollywood’s new target audience is, apparently, the Christians of America. It is the success of The Blind Side, as a result of targeting “mega-churches” across the States, which has drawn Hollywood to this, where an estimated 8.8 million strong Christian audience helped the film makers to a $309m (£195m) box-office, making over a 1000% profit.

The film tells the story of a young black teenager who grows into a leading American Football star after being adopted by a Christian lady. Advertisers provided these churches, of congregations about 400 each, with clips, before the film was released, and a Bible passage to go with it for discussion or teaching.

It seems that this was such a success that Hollywood is tapping into this market big time, having planned similar advertising campaigns for the recent release Secretariat and next year’s Soul Surfer.

Randall Wallace, director of Secretariat, who promoted the film on HollywoodJesus.com, sees a parallel between Christianity and the cinema: “I believe the function of storytelling is clearly powerful in our society… [Jesus] almost always responded with a story.”

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