The amount of frenzied anti-Christian bigotry is increasing by the day, with PC zealots working overtime to harass and persecute Christians anyway they can. And all this is aided and abetted by the state which is becoming increasingly secular, anti-Christian, and irrational.

Examples are around by the truck-full. Everyday new outrageous cases come to light. And all this is taking place in what is supposed to be the free and democratic West. The West, once the bastion of Christian belief and morality, is now becoming the fortress of ruthless anti-Christian hatred.

Consider the latest case of mind-numbing stupidity and anti-Christian zeal. A woman who advertised in a church for a Christian roommate now has to face a court case for her outrageous behaviour. Yep, can you think of anything more horrific and dastardly than that? A Christian actually daring to ask for a Christian roommate!!

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