After spending their days serving the public, Ohio lawmakers soon might be able to head to the basement and get served at the pub.

State officials are debating a proposal to establish the nation’s only statehouse bar — a venue where lawmakers and even members of the public could tip a few back after hours if they reserve the space.

Opponents say it would be inappropriate to open a bar in a government building frequented by schoolchildren, while others note that alcohol already flows freely at Statehouse events.

“My point of view is Prohibition ended in the 1930s, so what’s the big deal?” said Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican. “We’re not talking about putting George Jones and Willie Nelson on the jukebox and having people spending all their waking hours in the Capitol Cafe, drowning their sorrows. But the idea that there’s alcohol in the Statehouse should be completely unsurprising to anyone.”

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