The release of ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’ continues one of the most unexpected success stories of recent years. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Young, now known to millions as Owl City, has demonstrated again that his wistful, melodic brand of synth pop connects with a mass audience even if he continues to be vilified by the cool music critics. For a young man who once spent most of his time creating music in the solitude of his parents’ basement the two years since the release of his quadruple-Platinum ‘Ocean Eyes’ has been jam packed with people, places and things. Adam spoke to Christianity Today about his gruelling world tour and the creation of his new album.

“The past 12 months have certainly been a whirlwind and I could probably count the number of off-days I’ve had on one hand. But when your career revolves entirely around your passion, it’s not a bad way to work by any means. The day after I returned home from the ‘Ocean Eyes’ world tour, I started pre-production on ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’. The day after I turned it in to the record label, I was out the door preparing for the upcoming six months of touring. Life is a roller coaster indeed! But at the end of the day, I always find myself on my knees thanking the Lord for allowing me to do what I’m most passionate about. There’s no end to my sincere appreciation for the blessings I’ve been given.”

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