Teaching English is a big business in China. According to figures reported in state media, the English-teaching industry was worth 15 billion yuan.

As China emerges as a business giant in the global economy, senior business leaders are required to have fluency in English in order to communicate.

As a result, Erik Burklin with China Partner says: “Many young people, especially teenagers, really want to learn English. One of the motivations for them, of course, is to get wealthy, to get a better job. Many have a dream to someday travel overseas.”

Burklin says they’ve teamed up with Reverend Cai, a pastor with long ties to the ministry. He shepherds a registered church and has taught at a Bible school in Chengdu. But, Burklin says, he felt there was more he could do.

“His passion was to reach out to young people, and one of the ways he could do that was to provide English classes, or what he calls ‘Conversational English training.'”

Reverend Cai also heads a group called Hua Mei International. “Hua” is a Chinese reference to China. “Mei” is the first letter of the Chinese word for “America,” hence “Hua Mei”—a China-America partnership between the churches.

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