John Mark Caner, age 8, headed to Thailand with one goal in mind — to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially with Mr. Wii, a Buddhist monk.

John Mark joined his parents, Emir and Hana, and a 25-member team from Truett-McConnell College who traveled to Thailand on a July 6-25 mission trip. Emir Caner is president of the Baptist-affiliated college in Cleveland, Ga.

John Mark learned of the monk from his parents, who met the Buddhist on a previous mission trip. The youth then rallied some school friends to pray for Wii for the entire year of 2010.

When John Mark and Wii finally met in Chaing Mai, Thailand, the young American asked the monk, who was surrounded by statues of Buddha, “Who do you worship?”

After the obvious answer, John Mark shared with Wii that he was breaking the Lord’s commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).

Wii responded to the youth with the Buddhist tenet claiming many paths to God.

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