A daycare operating inside a church in Waukee, Iowa, is stirring debate in the local community for requiring employees to reapply and follow new Christian lifestyle guidelines as it closes and reopens next month.

Nearly two dozen teachers who worked at Happy Time Daycare and Preschool have to reapply for their jobs as Point of Grace Church turns the operation into Point of Grace Children’s Academy beginning Sept. 6. Along with short notice, however, employees have voiced concerns over the Christian Lifestyle Commitment that they must agree to.

The agreement states that teachers must abstain from: viewing pornography, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, homosexual conduct and pre-marital sex, according to an application posted on the church’s website.

Though religious affiliation was not previously stressed at the Happy Time Daycare, as reported by KCCI, the new center made their stance clear through a letter, which was given to staffers last week, notifying them of the abrupt changes.

At the beginning of the application, the academy states, “All employees must be practicing Christians and active members of an evangelical Christian Church.”

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