I am an evangelical. So let me for the moment confine my remarks to fellow evangelicals. If you are a non-evangelical, but want to read on, hopefully you will benefit from this as well. I wish here to simply offer an indictment on the evangelical church.

Let me first say that there are many fine evangelical Christians doing many fine things for Christ and his kingdom. There are many unsung heroes in the Body of Christ who are faithfully serving Christ and working their tails off for the Kingdom of God.

They will get their reward and I applaud them. But can I tell you a sober truth: they are in the minority. They are amongst the few and far between. They do not represent the majority of evangelical Christians today. They are, sadly, the exception to the rule.

And in one sense this should not surprise us. As both Scripture and church history testify, it is always a remnant that God uses. The majority seldom seems keen to obey and serve God. So it is almost always a small handful that actually takes the Lordship of Christ seriously and gets the job done.

Jesus spent a lot of time challenging the religious community of his day. He even spent large hunks of time pronouncing woes on the religious leaders of his day. Whole chapters of the gospels are devoted to this. See for example Matthew 23 and Luke 11.

If Jesus came to our comfortable, pampered, lazy, mollycoddled, apathetic, worldly, selfish, compromised and lukewarm evangelical churches today, he would have plenty of woes to deliver. He would be astonished at how we have wasted two thousand years of our Christian heritage.

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