An atheist group is crossing the line with its attack on children with disabilities.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is claiming that the Cedar Falls Community School District in Iowa cannot make safety and handicap-accessibility renovations to the nearby Kaio Church. The school district wants to use the church facilities to accommodate overcrowding for its preschool program and meet city codes.

Kaio’s location offers students easy access to Southdale Elementary School’s food service, transportation and playground equipment. However, the school district needs to make a few modifications in order to bring the interior of the facility into compliance with city codes, including converting a janitor’s closet into a handicap-accessible restroom, adding two preschool handicap-accessible restrooms and installing two emergency exits in the designated classroom spaces.

“School districts shouldn’t be forced to deny services to children simply because groups hostile to religion misrepresent the Constitution,” says Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel David Cortman. “It is astounding that the Freedom From Religion Foundation cares more about furthering its distorted view of the Constitution’s Establishment Clause than making sure that school children are safe and that handicap children’s needs are met.”

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