Christianity may not be Biblical as we would like to believe. The name “Christian” is only mentioned three times in the Bible and “Christianity” is never mentioned at all!

Acts 11 describes the rise of a dynamic group of believers in the city of Antioch. This rapidly growing congregation represented a major cultural shift for the emerging movement of those who believed in Jesus Christ since they did not share the same distinctively Jewish and Hebrew roots that defined the church in Jerusalem.

This congregation was predominantly Greek speaking so a new term arose in the language of the church that was rooted in the Greek. For the first time the disciples were called “Christians.”

As the movement grew, the use of the word also became more common. In the 26th chapter of Acts, King Agrippa becomes angry at the Apostle Paul for trying to persuade him to become a Christian. Later, Peter writes in 1 Peter 4:16 of the benefits from suffering as a Christian.

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