The Nobel Peace Prize “winner” Barack Obama has created a serious mess in Libya with his unauthorized and unconstitutional involvement on the side of the rebels. Neither of the sides – not even the rebels – of the conflict are representative of the American interests in the region; and neither of the sides is representative of any of the moral values upon which the Christian civilization in the West was built. And yet, Obama is helping one of the sides.

It turns out now, the side he is helping – the rebels – is now conducting a large scale race cleaning in the areas under their control. The Independent reports that the rebels now settle scores in the Libyan capital. And interestingly enough, that settling scores is focused on the extermination of all blacks in the capital.

The oil reserves of Libya made the Gaddafi family rich, and also gave Gaddafi the opportunity to invest in developing the infrastructure of the country in order to bribe the population which has been restless for a long time due to the high levels of corruption and bureaucratic red tape. The gigantic construction projects started by Gaddafi required more – and better educated – workforce. Some of it came from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The bulk of the immigrant workers came from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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