You can always tell when real science has long ago given way to hysteria and agenda setting when the arguments being dragged out become more and more bizarre. Less and less science is offered, and instead we get all sorts of blatant moonbattery.

We have had several prime examples of this lately. Consider a major player in all this, Al Gore. He has gotten so desperate to push his whacko agenda that he is now saying that climate change skeptics are basically in the same camp as racists.

Just as we had to fight the ugly racists in the past, Gore says we need to do the same with those ugly climate change skeptics today. And we are supposed to embrace the alarmists as the epitome of rationality and science? Sorry Al, but I don’t have enough faith to be a true believer like you are.

Then we have the case of an Australian true believer who has actually said we can link climate change to mental illness! Yes you heard me right. An ABC report puts it this way: “A report has been released that draws a direct link between inaction on climate change and long-term social and mental health problems.

“The study by the Climate Institute, titled A Climate Of Suffering: The Real Cost Of Living With Inaction On Climate Change, points to increased depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicide and self-harm in the wake of recent natural disasters in Australia. Professor Ian Hickie of the Brain & Mind Institute, launched the report in Sydney, saying that regional and remote communities are most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.”

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