Vice President Joe Biden made the news again this week. Three weeks ago, Biden was in the news because of reports he had denounced Tea Party members as “terrorists,” a claim his spokespeople have attempted to deny. This week, Biden was in the news because he did not denounce the communist Chinese for their vicious one-child policy, a claim his spokespeople have attempted to deny.

Joe Biden has performed an interesting inversion of reality: Tea Party members haven’t killed anyone; China’s one-child policy has generated the deaths of countless millions. Beyond those direct deaths, China grapples with the demographic-cultural nightmare of some 43-million “missing women,” as Chinese families opt to abort baby girls in preference of baby boys.

And sadly, Joe Biden is not the only American source excusing China’s one-child policy. But before considering that other source, consider first what Biden said:

On August 21, Vice President Biden spoke at Sichuan University in Chengdu. He began with his usual smile, cheerfully thanking his “gracious” hosts. He noted that he brought along his daughter-in-law and granddaughter—two women who, if Chinese, would not be permitted to birth more than one child without severe fines or even forced sterilization. But Biden wasn’t going there.

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