An Indiana megachurch pastor says he is annoyed at the word “saved,” especially when used among Christians to describe someone that has made a commitment to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

In one of his recent blog posts, Granger Community Church’s executive pastor, Tim Stevens, asked readers, “Does the Word ‘Saved’ Bother Anyone Else?”

Stevens told The Christian Post that he also has a problem with the phrase “born again.”

“I have similar hesitations with ‘born again’ probably because it’s also an insider term,” Stevens said. “’Born again’ for the world at large is somewhat of a misunderstood term.”

Stevens, also author of Pop Goes the Church: Should the Church Engage Pop Culture?, says that he often writes blog posts about what has been on his mind for a while and in some cases, it helps him seek answers from others.

“I’ve recently noticed that I’m becoming more annoyed by the word ‘saved’ than ever before. Not in the ‘I saved money’ use of the word, but in the Christian-ese context: ‘Is Johnny saved?’ or ‘It’s only a matter of time until Martha gets saved,’” Stevens posted in his blog,

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