Many of my readers will be very surprised to know that I, for once, agree with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg regarding his decision to bar “clergy” from participating in the tenth anniversary memorial of the September 11th attacks.

In the past, I found myself in total disagreement with Mayor Bloomberg on many issues; chief among them is his support of the building of the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero. Many people saw his unbridled support of that project as distasteful at best and expedient at worst. After all, the mayor is doing personal business in many Muslim countries, especially the rich Gulf states. Thus, at least for expediency’s sake, he had to support what many Americans consider to be a sign of triumphalism on the part of Islamists at the very site where 2,753 people, most of them our fellow citizens, died in the name of Islam.

But when it comes to not having any “clergy” at the tenth commemoration of that day of infamy, I believe Mayor Bloomberg did the right thing even though I am sure we see his decision from very different viewpoints. Most likely, his reason for barring “clergy” from the event is fear that he may offend one group or another.

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