Chinese Christians rejoiced at the release of five house church leaders from labor camp, only to hear shortly thereafter on Aug. 30 that an opponent of forced abortion will be sent to a prison built specifically for him.

The five released leaders included four women — Gao Fuqin, Zhao Guoai, Yang Caizhen and Yang Hongzhen — and one man, Li Shuangpin, who were all arrested for their involvement with the Fushan House Church in Linfen, reports ChinaAid, a group that monitors religious freedom. Five of the church’s leaders remain in prison.

Caizhen was released in February on medical parole because of a nearly fatal liver ailment, and the other four were released last month, according to ChinaAid.

The only legal churches in China are registered with the government-sanctioned Three-Self Patriotic Movement. However, with registration come restrictions on baptism, Sunday School and evangelism, said Bob Fu, ChinaAid’s founder and president.

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