Access to Scripture has gotten easier for millions of people all over the world with the introduction of a “smart phone” application with Bible translations in more than 500 languages. An organization called Faith Comes by Hearing released the app for iPhones and other mobile devices a little over a year ago, and in late August announced that the number of languages available on the app as well as the group’s website increased from around 200 languages to over 550. The goal of the Christian ministry, part of the Digital Bible Project, is to extend the influence of the Christian Scriptures — in both text and audio format — to every corner of the earth.

The group’s website noted that the Digital Bible Project is “the world’s largest, standardized, digital resource of Bible text and audio,b” explaining that it currently holds word-for-word Audio New Testaments in 565 languages, “with a goal of having 2,000 such recordings by 2016. Current estimates show this will represent a potential outreach to 97% of the world’s population.”

Regarding the smart-phone app, Troy Carl, the group’s national director said, “Our progress over the last year has been nothing short of miraculous, but I guess that should be expected when you’re working for the Creator of the universe.” He added that his organization was “humbled to bring honor to Him by providing free access — in the heart languages of the world — to the saving message that is found in His Word.”

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