Evangelist and best-selling author Jason Frenn counters an atheist group leader’s claim that Christians’ faith in God is irrational by saying that it is more reasonable and rational for a person to believe in a Creator than not.

Frenn was asked by The Christian Post to respond to the recent article, “On Morals: Why Atheism Trumps Christianity,” written by Al Stefanelli, who is the Georgia State Director of American Atheists, Inc.

On the group’s website, Stefanelli states in his post that “Christianity, by design, demands ignorance. Both naiveté and willful ignorance is at the core of a faith that is contrary to the development of knowledge through reason and rationality.”

Among the many points of contention with Christianity that Stevanelli outlines, he argues that, “The belief in a god is irrational, as are those who accept the belief in a god.”

Frenn, whose ministry has held more than 53 international crusades with more than 3 million people attending the events, said that someday, like the prodigal son, atheists will come to their senses. He argues that it takes more “faith” for an atheist to believe in the evolution of life.

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