“My Mom is always nagging me.”

“My parents demand so much of me. I can never please them.”

“Sometimes I think I’m just a slave in this house.”

In my years of ministry I have had many opportunities to counsel with parents and children in conflict. I have heard the quotes above repeated often. Statements like these can indeed be a manifestation of rebellion; yet, they can likewise be a cry for help.

Many children in our day need help when it comes to vision. They need a sense of calling in their walk with the Lord, and an appreciation for the parents God has blessed them with—parents who are given to prepare their children to take on their mission in the Kingdom.

In some ways, childrearing can be compared to slavery. I’m not talking about the slavery that was practiced in the antebellum years of America; rather, childrearing can be compared to the biblical slavery documented for us in the Old Testament—an outline that was given to protect slaves and prepare them for independent living. While it is not a perfect comparison, there are certainly principles that are similar in both practices.

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