Pakistan’s notorious “blasphemy” laws can put even children at risk, and Christians, Hindus, and other minorities, say the days when they could protect their offspring is getting harder and harder because of institutional discrimination and growing Islamic militancy in Pakistan. This applies to disparaging Islam and the prophet of this faith.

In the past children escaped heavy questions about religion which many entrap them innocently. A 30-year-old Pakistani woman who grew up in Lahore said her Christian parents taught her formula answers to keep from falling prey to accusations under the blasphemy statutes, such as “I am a Christian, I can only tell you about Christianity.” However, before radical Islamists began influencing Pakistani society as they have in recent years, schoolchildren were taught not to discuss religion commented the young lady.

She continued by stating“We knew never to get into religious discussions with others.” Therefore, “We had them at home – our parents would put us through the drill of asking us tough questions to see how we answered. Only now do I realize that was practice for school.”

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