As a teenager, Budi Mulyadi* trained to kill Christians with a 9 mm pistol.

For months, he aimed it at a target while an instructor shouted slurs against Christianity. Mulyadi didn’t know anything about the religion, just that it threatened Islam. Not once did someone explain Christ’s sacrifice to him.

Yet, almost 20 years later, he serves as a Christian worker.

Today Mulyadi works with American Christian workers to manage worship sessions for youth in Southeast Asia. He helps local farmers learn better ways to raise healthy fish and grow their crops. He gives food to poverty-stricken families.

As Mulyadi works, the jobs and the people he works with bring him joy and he smiles, but his smiles fade when he talks about his adolescence. At the age of 14, he lived in an Islamic terrorist camp that imbued him with wrath and hate.

Hate “was something that was implanted in my mind,” he said. “I could just think about Christians and the hate would pop up.”

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