For over fifty years now the social sciences have been telling us with the utmost clarity that there is no better guarantee of a child’s wellbeing than to have him or her raised in a heterosexual two-parent family, cemented by marriage. Thousands upon thousands of studies have made this perfectly clear. Children do best when raised by their own biological parents united in marriage.

I have been following this research for decades now. It is massive and irrefutable. Of course the radical social engineers want to ignore or discount this mountain of evidence, but they are simply living in denial. Family structure really does matter, and if the wellbeing of our children is paramount, then we should pay very close attention to what the research is telling us.

A few summary statements can be offered here. Armand Nicholi, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard medical school who has studied over forty years of research on the question of parental absence and children’s well-being said this: “What has been shown over and over again to contribute most to the emotional development of the child is a close, warm, sustained and continuous relationship with both parents.”

He goes on to make this observation: “One other comment about this research. In addition to the magnitude of it, the studies taken as a whole paint an unmistakably clear picture of the adverse effects of parental absence. Yet this vast body of research is almost totally ignored by our society. Why have even the professionals tended to ignore this research? Perhaps the answer is, to put it most simply, because the findings are unacceptable.”

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