The United States and Europe are on the verge of a massive financial collapse, unemployment is rampant, Western societies are being torn apart, and global leadership is the most inept in many generations, so what is the major concern of the American left and the media?

For the left, it is the preservation of their lifestyle and political power against an imaginary right-wing horde of Republican presidential candidates determined to impose a theocracy.  For the mainstream media, it is reporting on the upcoming election as if it was a sporting event between the good (the Democrats) versus the evil (the Republicans).

To the left, Christianity is the source of much of mankind’s problems, as it lays out a definitive path and rules of restraint that have little room for licentious and unbridled behavior, but more importantly does not recognize the unbridled superiority of the state above all things.  The left believes, being intellectually superior and pre-ordained to govern, that they can set and impose their rules on the rest of society.  Christianity and its forerunner, Judaism, recognize that the human race is flawed, beset with enormous failings — among them a overweening sense of self-importance — and offers a Supreme Being superior to the state along with a definitive set of principles governing human behavior.

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