To school teacher Isaac Moffett, the Bible is not just a religious document.

It’s so much more, he said. “It’s a primary source of history. It’s a primary teaching source of actually people who lived during the time period.

Moffett is making his case as he walks across a dirt field in Nampa, Idaho.

This used to be our campus, he said. This is where the classrooms were. Everything was right here.

That was last year. This year its all gone, and all because Moffett and his fellow teachers used the Bible and other religious texts in their classrooms.

It’s a shocking set of circumstances that has one of the most conservative states in the country defending one of the most liberal views of the Constitutional separation between church and state.

At issue is the Nampa Classical Academy, a charter school, founded by Moffett in 2009. One year later, Idaho’s Board of Education shut the school down, citing its use of religious texts inside classrooms. Moffett says he only used the texts to teach history and is now suing the Board in federal court.

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