A global poll conducted by the BBC shows that more people support United Nations recognition of an independent Palestinian state than oppose it. According to the poll, which surveyed 20,446 people across 19 nations, 49% were in favor of the Palestinian bid, while 21% said the proposal should be voted down. Some 30% abstained from taking sides.

Not surprisingly, the most widespread support for the Palestinian cause came from Egypt, where 90% were in favor of the unilateral statehood drive and only 9% had reservations about it. High rates of support registered in other Muslim nations as well, including Turkey (60% in favor, 19% against), Pakistan (52% in favor, 12% against) and Indonesia (51% in favor, 16% against).

The US and the Philippines showed the highest rates of opposition to UN recognition with 36% each. However, 45% of those surveyed in the US and 56% of those in the Philippines cast their vote in favor.

The lowest level of support registered in India, where 32% were in favor and 25% opposed. In contrast, those surveyed in China showed enthusiasm for the Palestinian proposal, with 56% support and only 9% opposition.

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