A new film, based on God’s call in Isaiah 58 to “loose the chains of injustice” and provide for the poor, puts a face on the problem of global poverty and oppression, and calls Christians to act on their faith.

“58: The Film” was filmed over the course of two years in 15 different countries, and is set to begin showing in October in select theaters, on iTunes, on television and in major church screenings.

It features powerful stories of the poor and of those who are out to help them. Audiences will be introduced to individuals who live on the drought-ridden Ethiopian plains and in the slums of Kenya. There are also stories of people surrounded by gang violence, chemical addictions, the sex trafficking trade and more.

In addition to sharing heart-wrenching tales of extreme poverty, “58:The Film” also takes a look at several groups and individuals who are fighting against and, following the commands of God, are offering hope in places that it isn’t frequently felt.

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