President Barack Obama’s rhetoric shows that politically liberal Christians differ from politically conservative ones not only in policy proposals but in the understanding of human nature that leads to those proposals.

Let’s think the best of our president. Let’s suggest that his frequent vilification of corporate presidents flying around on private jets—he attacked them six times in a June 29 press conference—is more than a political appeal to class envy.

Let’s say he thinks private jet tax breaks are unfair because he is philosophically committed to equality. Since President Obama has emphasized that “creating jobs” is Job No. 1 for him, let’s think the best of him and assume he believes that taking away special treatment for corporate presidents will help the unemployed get back to work.

If those assumptions are correct, we should treat the White House occupant not with paranoia but with pity. He’s showing a lack of both business experience and biblical understanding. He and other liberals are showing that they don’t understand original sin.

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