During the Cold War when millions of hapless souls were enslaved by totalitarian communism, Western apologists (either communist agents or useful idiots) tried to convince us that communism would be a good thing for Westerners to live under.

Yet people of course vote with their feet, and millions tried to flee communist tyranny. It was all one way traffic: there were never lengthy lines of people trying to get into these Marxist hell holes. We have the same situation today with Islam.

All over the world people are seeking to flee their tyrannical Islamic homelands to get into free, democratic and prosperous Western nations. So too, there are Islamist agents or useful idiots trying to convince us that Islam is a religion of peace and sharia can easily coexist with Western democracy and Western freedoms.

This is the line we are being fed on a regular basis. Consider what is reported in today’s press. Australia’s major Islamic leader wants to let us know that everything is just fine when sharia comes into a Western nation. According to him, it is all sweetness and light. This is how one report covers the story:

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