A big announcement from one valley school leader is drawing a lot of controversy. The Superintendent of Arab City Schools has banned prayer before high school football games.

Superintendent John Mullins says it’s all because of a letter he received claiming the school system was violating the first amendment and one Arab family’s rights by allowing prayer at football games. Mullins says it wasn’t worth going to court over. “Yes in our personal lives in Arab we are christian but our priority is to serve the students of this school system and provide them education” Mullins said. “And we at this time can’t commit the energy and time and financial resources to battle a case we most likely will not win”.

The freedom From Religion Foundation forced the change of policy. The organization sent a letter to Arab city schools on behalf of an arab parent who
objected to prayer at games. Superintendent John Mullins says instead of prayer before games, officials will go back to what they used to do. “So we are going to return to what we were doing before we started praying and we’re going to do a moment of silence at our football games, that’s what a lot of others are doing” Mullins said. “We wish we could continue praying but we can’t”.

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