The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) investigating a “Bible in the Schools” program established in Mercer County, W. Va., as to whether the school system is violating the separation of church and state.

While no legal action has been taken as of yet, the organization, infamous for filing lawsuits against schools who purportedly walk a fine line in religious matters, is seeking more information from the county about the program in question.

This is not the first time the program has come under scrutiny, Tom Chaffins, the Supervisor of Secondary Education, told West Virginia News Station.

“They want to know how we go about getting our teachers, what we use in the classrooms, materials we use [and] how it’s funded, those kinds of things.”

Chaffins said she is not worried about the ACLU investigation, because the Bible program is taught under the strict guidelines given by the Attorney General of West Virginia. Chaffins remains confident that the school is not violating the separation of church and state.

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