My husband and I are shopping for a new home.

Anyone who has endured a new home search knows it can be a long, tedious and often disappointing process — particularly if we insist on steering the ship.

How so?

Everyone who is looking for a new home has a pocket wish list. To say otherwise wouldn’t be entirely truthful. Each and every time I am considering a prospective new home, I am mentally checking off which expectations, standards, amenities have been met on my list. Does this home make me feel comfortable or does it require me to live outside my comfort zone? Is this home move-in ready or is it a fixer-upper? What kind of return will I receive from this investment and how quickly will I see the payoff?

With wish list in hand, we can very easily cause a mutiny on board if we sense the ship drifting in an unwanted direction. However, in trying to steer the ship of my own home search, I quickly discovered that no home is perfect.

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