A Christian cafe owner has been left outraged after passages from the Bible sparked a visit from the police.

Jamie Murray has been playing Bible texts on the TV screen in Layton’s Salt and Light Cafe since it opened eight years ago.

But after a customer took offence to one of the passages, the cafe owner was horrified to receive a visit from uniformed officers.

Mr Murray said: “I couldn’t believe the police were saying I can’t display the Bible.

“I said ‘surely it isn’t a crime to show the Bible?’ But they said they had checked with their sergeant and insulting words are a breach of Section 5 of the Public Order Act. I was shocked.

“I’m not here to insult or offend anyone, but the Bible is the Bible. We’re always being told we’re a tolerant and diverse nation. Yet the very thing that gave us those values – Christianity – is being sidelined.”

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